Festive Ideas!

Posted by Lara Savory on 16 December
Festive Ideas!

Images courtesy of Joe Buckingham and Liz West via Flickr

Using your VLE or leaning platform at this time of year can be a helpful way to maintain sanity - for both teachers and students!

When timetables are getting disrupted and planned events either don't start on time or finish earlier than anticipated it is always helpful to have some activities on hand that have educational merit but seem a little out of the ordinary. You can put ideas like this on your site ready to use with no addiional preparation needed - and they have the added benefit that they can continue to engage students once they've gone home.

Using online activities in this way is also helpful to provide home learning activities that students can dip into as they (or their parents!) want. In that way, you don't need to give formal homework at a time that students are already tired - but you are providing something for those students that enjoy additional challenge (and the parents who insist that their children need it...)

The graphic below has a few ideas - more are available if you visit our Winter Festivals Life Event.

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