Life Ideas - posties

Posted by Lara Savory on 06 January
Life Ideas - posties

Just as using sticky notes in the classroom has potential in a wide range of situations, using Posties or 'virtual sticky notes' as part of your online learning is an easy and immediate way to gather ideas, ask questions and share information.

And whereas with the traditional paper variety there is only so much you can physically do with sticky notes, the virtual variety allow for adding images, replying to someone else's note and being able to access them from anywhere.

(They also have the advantages of not falling off the wall and are much easier to store!)

Here are a few of our favourite Life Ideas for using posties:

Original image courtesy of Dean Hochman via Flickr.


Life Idea #42 - reflecting through advice


Life Idea #46 - School Council suggestions


Life Idea #62 - reading responses


Life Idea #66 - sticky vocabulary


Or you can view them all here.

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