Top 5 Ideas of 2014

Posted by Lara Savory on 30 December
Top 5 Ideas of 2014

Every week we've been adding new ideas for using your online learning platform or VLE.

These have ranged to quick things to add to your school homepage to make communication easier and more effective to large scale immersive projects involving creating a whole new site. They've come from infant schools right through to secondary academies and from as far afield as Australia and Portugal. Some of them have been inspired by new users to Life whilst others are from seasoned online learning experts - and many of them can be adapted by usrs of any online learning solution.

At the start of 2015 we'll be collating and sharing ideas for using our favourite resources but to see out 2014 here are the ideas that received the most visits on the UniServity blog. Amazingly, three of them are from the same school!:


5 Online reading diaries (Idea #58)

Sheila Compton, librarian at Dame Alice Owens School, shares how she uses wikis to enable students to record and share their reading habits both in and out of school. Find out more


4 PE in the news (Idea #57)

Also from Dame Alice Owens School is this idea from Head of Girls' PE, Steph Belcher. Enabling students to see her subject as relevant to the wider world. Find out more


3 Sticky vocabulary (Idea #66)

This is an idea that I created inspired by the fantastic work of a former Year 4 teaching colleague and shows how easily virtual sticky notes can be used to encourage students to practise new words learned in another language. Find out more


2 Supporting evaluation (Idea #55)

In second place is Dame Alice Owens School again! Pam Perrett, Assistant Head, explains how she uses wikis to support student reflection and evidence student achievement in practical subjects. Find out more


1 Staff learning clips (Idea #54)

Our most popular idea came from one of our fantastic schools in Brisbane, Australia. A great way of getting staff CPD out in small bursts and starting professional learning conversations from Principal, Petrea Rawlinson. Find out more


Thank you to all those who inspired our Life Ideas in 2014. We look forward to coninued inspiration in 2015 and beyond as we see how our customers are making the most of the new Life upgrade.

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