Life Idea #60 - online staff bulletins

Posted by Lara Savory on 02 September
Life Idea #60 - online staff bulletins

Regular communication is important (and often difficult to achieve) in any situation where people are working together and particularly in a school. The volume of information that needs to be communicated to staff is often large and ensuring everyone can access the information they need at the correct time can be difficult to achieve.

To minimise the stress for her staff (and herself!) Petrea Rawlinson - Principal of Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School in West Ipswich, Brisbane - uses a blog where each week she posts all communication that does not need to be delivered face to face.

This means that not only can everyone access the information wherever and whenever they need, but also that there's an archive of previous communication available from the same place.

To find out how to set this up for yourself in more detail and to see an example, click on the image below or visit

Anytime anywhere regular staff communication using a blog for online bulletins - a Life Idea from Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School, Brisbane.

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