Life Idea #67 - curriculum information

Posted by Lara Savory on 21 October
Life Idea #67 - curriculum information

Termly letters home sharing the main areas of focus in different curriculum subjects can be an effective way of communicating what students will be learning and how parents can support this. However, we know that many a communication gets lost at the bottom of a school bag, eaten by a family pet or lost under the fridge.

Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School in Cheshire make really good use of their Life site to help parents support their children's learning and the school's curriculum pages are a great example of this.

Sharing curriculum information on your learning platform means that it is accessible any time, anywhere. It also allows staff to update the information at a later date if new opportunities have arisen. The other obvious advantage is that as well as just sharing information, staff can add links to sites and other resources that will help parents to support their children.

To find out how to set this up for yourself in more detail and to see an example, click on the image below or visit

Create pages that outline the key areas to be covered in a particular term to be used as reference for parents. A UniServity Life Idea

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