Life Idea #70 - share your school's history

Posted by Lara Savory on 11 November
Life Idea #70 - share your school's history

Rather than just leave your school archive tucked in a box somewhere, how about following in the footsteps of Hertford Infant School in Brighton and creating an online space for your photos and memories?

The Hertford Infant site also includes pages dedicated to anniversary celebrations and members of the school's community both past and present are encouraged to contribute their memories to the archive.

Tracey Bowers - Computing coordinator and current acting deputy headteacher offers the following advice:

"Make sure there is a visible link to the history page on the school homepage so that ex pupils searching the internet for their old school see the archive and know they have a place to share their memories and photos etc."

Image courtesy of Phil Roeder via Flickr

To find out how to set this up for yourself in more detail and to see an example, click on the image below or visit

Share and build your school's history with your community - a UniServity Life Idea from Hertford Infant, Brighton

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