Life Idea #53 - inspired reflection

Posted by Lara Savory on 15 July
Life Idea #53 - inspired reflection

As a way of focusing students' reflection on their behaviour for learning, this Life Idea takes four quotations or inspiration statements and then asks students to decide which one is most relevant to them and why.

For visual impact the quotations are added to posties and students add a reply to the postie containing the statement they most need to focus on - either just typing them in or adding a visual representation.

This genearl idea could also be used in a variety of other situation where students need to choose between several options; the main focus being on the quality of their explanation of why they made the choice.

Image courtesy of Takashi Hososhima via Flickr

To find out how to set this up for yourself in more detail and to see an example, click on the image below or visit

Encourage reflection at the end or start of the school year through the use of inpsiration quotations and statements. A UniServity Life Idea.

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