Life Idea #55 - supporting evaluation

Posted by Lara Savory on 29 July
Life Idea #55 - supporting evaluation

Learning in subjects like Design Technology and drama can be difficult to capture and evidence.

To solve this problem and also to support less confident students in evaluating their finished products, Pam Perrett - one of Dame Alice Owen's Assitant Headteachers - started using wikis to enable some of her food technology students to record and evaluated their products.

As well as a clear record of achievement, the wikis have also enabled Pam to give students written feedback - something that had often been just verbal before and so not always captured.

Image courtesy of Igor Grushevskiy via Flickr

To find out how to set this up for yourself in more detail and to see an example, click on the image below or visit

Supporting evaluation - using wikis to scaffold students' responses - a Life Idea from Dame Alice Owen's School

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This is the first idea in a set from our featured school, Dame Alice Owen's in Hertfordshire.

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