Posted 22 months ago

We have been teaching pupils at Downs Junior School how to make websites!

Last month, we spent two days at Downs Junior School delivering training to Year 5 & 6 students on how to create websites.

Our Technical Trainer Amir Razavi led four separate classes and introduced the main concepts around website creation.

The session was delivered via a DB Primary community page, meaning that the children could easily access all the instructions and resources they needed to make their pages look great.

After explaining how websites are built and how websites display, the children got to play around with some html code and started to create their own website page. They experimented with different heading sizes, fonts and inputting images.

There was a distinctive buzz in the classroom as they saw how html code can change the size, shape and appearance of their web content.

''I loved it when we put the pictures into the page and then made it look MASSIVE!''

Our cloud based learning platform - DB Primary contains heaps of resources to help your school teach pupils the fundamentals of website creation including lesson plans and printable documents on html styling, tags, entities and CSS.

Over the remainder of the summer term the children will continue to build out their websites and a winner for 'Best Website' will be picked from each of the four classes.

Each winner will be awarded a prize and the opportunity to come into the New Era offices to present their websites to the team.

We were really impressed at how quickly the children picked things up and the response to the session was really positive.

Watch this space to see which websites win!

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