Posted 3 years ago

Free Ofsted Website Checklist

At this point in time a clean, user-friendly school website is a necessity. Your website is the first port of call for prospective parents and pupils, and Ofsted inspectors will check whether all the statutory information is available and up to date.

You are most likely aware of the Department of Education’s requirements that all school publish specific information on their website. This is to comply with a rather dry bit of legislation known as The School Information Regulations. From simple contact details, to your full Governing Body and your school’s values and ethos, all this must be easily accessible on your school website in order to please the Ofsted inspectors.

There’s no time like the present to conduct an audit of your school website. That’s why we’ve put together a free Ofsted Website checklist so you can make sure all the necessary information is present and correct.

Going above and beyond

Meeting Ofsted’s standard criteria is vital, but making sure your school’s website is organised and easy to navigate will make it useful for the whole school community. Really great school websites will often utilise additional features to communicate with their pupils, parents and governors. These can include teacher blogs, social media feeds and events calendars which all add up to create the best possible impression of a school.

All sounding a bit daunting?

Have you spotted any omissions after completing our free Ofsted website checklist? Whether your school website could do with a full overhaul or just a fresh lick of paint we can help. Get in touch with our website team and we can completely modernise your school website for you!