Posted 3 years ago

In our mission to make sure that you have all your edtech staples in one central place we are excited to announce the arrival of another partner; the makers of schooliP: Derventio.

The SchooliP software integrates performance management with improvement planning and self-evaluation, also incorporating the management of CPD and pay progression for staff. SchooliP reduces the burden on administration, empowers leaders and provides ease of use for educators and support staff.  In addition, the brand new SchooliP app ensures it is ease for staff to upload evidence and performance progression from a smart phone.

Customers that are subscribed to the DB Primary learning cloud will be able to access SchooliP from their homepages with SSO (single sign on) functionality in order to securely switch between systems.

We look forward to working alongside the Derventio team. We are always on the lookout to forge alliances with innovative technology companies in order to make sure our products and services run smoothly alongside the tech staples that schools can’t live without.

If you would like to find out more about the DB Primary learning cloud or SchooliP, please contact us  on 01273 201701 or email Whether you’re a fellow edtech expert or a DB Primary subscriber get in contact to find out more about our partnerships.   

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