Posted 24 months ago

Seven schools from The North Essex School Partnership (NESP) have saved a total of £3,100 on their buying costs for New Era’s school communication tool SchooPing.

As the pressure on schools to save money increases, buying as a group has some very clear advantages.

David Brett, Chief Commercial Officer for New Era says ‘’We understand the financial pressures schools are facing and develop software solutions that save staff time, increase efficiency and save schools money. We encourage and work with school groups as there are huge advantages in procuring as a group.‘’

With each school estimated to save up to a further £4,600 on associated communication costs and vital hours of admin time, SchoolPing can significantly increase a school's overall efficiency and addresses the real issues schools are currently facing.

If you would like to know more about purchasing as a school group or want more information on our full suite of products, get in touch:

T: 01273 201700