Posted 7 months ago

Is texting the most efficient way to communicate with parents? 

Sending a text message or email, printing out numerous letters, and updating the school website is all well and good - but how do you know you're reaching ALL of your parents? 

Can you analyse and track who has received and opened your communications?  

Is there an easier, simpler and more cost effective way to communicate with parents and staff? 

Your school could cut down your communication costs, with one simple app. 

SchoolPing, our school communication app, allows you to send out unlimited messages - with no character limits, to all staff and parents at your school. With the ability to attach newsletters, photos, videos and much more, you can cut down on printing and texting costs instantly. 

With messages being instantly sent, school's can message parents on the go! Stuck in traffic on the way back from a school trip? Instantly let parents know! 

SchoolPing also offers the ability to track who has opened your message AND allows you to see if they have opened the attachments! 

Everyone can benefit from saving money and time, by switching to an app - so why not find out today how much your school could save? Fill in a demo form or get in touch today!