Posted 11 months ago

This week, we have been sharing our knowledge around 'Best Practice Communications' using our industry leading school communication app - SchoolPing.

We had over 16 schools attend from the Brighton and Hove local authority, to learn more about how SchoolPing can be used to revolutionise the way schools are communicating with both parents and staff.

Delivered over two sessions, we focused on the benefits of using an app to communicate with your wider school community and how this has a positive impact on both parental engagement and achieving seamless communications.

In a country where over 90% of 24 - 54 year old's own a smartphone, schools have no choice but to align their communication strategy to feed the need of the parents and carers.

They don't want paper communications or texts. They want instant access to important information, which they can re-access easily and efficiently. With the majority of internet being accessed via smartphones it makes sense to house this in a communication app.

Not only that but our schools save money - and lots of it!

The average 350 pupil school saves approximately £5,671 on printing and texting costs when switching to SchoolPing.

Check out our Waterfield Primary case study, who instantly saved £400 a month on their texting service.

For more information about SchoolPing or to find out how much your school could save visit our web page or contact us for a 15 minute demo.