Posted 2 years ago

Engaging parents in their child’s learning has huge benefits for pupils, parents and the school community as a whole.

With the time pressures facing so many educators it is unfeasible to speak to each parent individually by telephone or face-to-face. Tech offers the facility to streamline the process of communicating with parents so the benefits can be felt without adding to the strain.

Keep parents engaged and excited about school events by integrating quick and easy forms of parent communication into your daily routine. Sending parents regular little updates on class activities, reminders and news of their child’s progress can be a huge help in making them feel involved in the school community. Once parents feel involved and engaged then they are more inclined to bring learning into home life, and improved attainment follows. It’s a win-win!

Stuck for ideas on what to update parents with? Here are some great ways you can keep them in the loop without adding a heap more to your workload! Plus with an easy app like SchoolPing you can message parents as much as you like without worrying about extra costs.

Whole School

There are some things that every parent in the school should know and the best way is to broadcast these messages to the whole school:

- Upcoming event information e.g. the school play, sports day.
- Reminders of special events the day before.
- Pointing parents to more detailed information on the school website or learning platform.
- Links to surveys to get feedback.
- Lunch menus.

Whole Class

Keeping parents in the loop regarding class events and current topics is a great way to encourage learning to take place beyond the classroom, so this information would be great to send to the parents of a whole class:

- Reminders of equipment or preparation required for the next day.
- Summaries of what has been learnt in class that day or week, giving parents the chance to discuss these topics at home.
- Suggestions for home activities based on class activities, linking to resources or tools that will help parents.
- Requests for volunteers to help in class.
- Upcoming topics.
- Homework reminders


To really engage with parents on an individual basis doesn’t need to be a huge task. These are some ideas that will really make your contact with parents personal and positive without a huge outlay of time:

- Photo of a piece of a student’s work with a brief message.
- Message to say student has had a particularly good day.
- Message to say student has achieved something they’ve been struggling to achieve.
- Message to thank parent for coming in and volunteering in class.


Interested in making parent communication easier in your school? Contact us to find out how!