Posted 9 months ago

Throughout the summer, teachers need to prep for the new school year! Collecting resources, making resources, and preparing lesson plans, can take over the whole of the summer holidays!

Here are our top tips for making sure you are all ready for September


Take a look back over the past year 

With the academic year coming to an end, and the preparation for your new influx of pupils getting closer, it's an idea to reflect on what went well or not so well in the previous year.

Whether it was spending hours prepping lessons each night, or marking homework at 10pm on a Sunday - think about ways in which you could improve your out of work life. No one wants to sit there planning and marking work late into a Sunday night, we'd all rather be tucked up in bed catching up on sleep. 

Understand what may have gone wrong the previous year, and work on how that can be improved. Even if you think things went perfectly, now is still a good time to think what can we improve on?


Don't wait until September to de-clutter your classroom and department

Tempting as it may be to wind down and sprint out of the classroom on the last day of term, you should really consider having an annual clear out. Bin any documents you won't be using again and be ruthless with those items you were keeping just in case.

Share the love with the whole department and ensure you also de-clutter shared storage spaces - maybe even suggest a group tidy together one evening after school or in the holidays. 


 A little bit of work won’t hurt

Prepping for the new year, is one thing that plays on every teacher’s mind. When the final day comes, everyone wants to rush off home and enjoy the peace! But doing a little bit of prep for the first week or two, will really help you not feel under pressure or out of your depth when you walk back into that classroom in September.

You don’t even have to spend time right at the start of the holidays prepping for  the new year. Some teachers may find that they prefer to get everything done before the holidays begin, others prefer to leave it till the end of the summer break. There’s also that option of doing it bit by bit, one or two days each week won’t hurt and may be more manageable. Either way, ensuring you're prepped before the first day will overall help your first week back.

For our customers with DB Primary and the DB Learning Library, prepping nightmares can be a thing of the past. 

The DB Learning Library offers 1,000s of resources, from English to Maths to Computing - all easily assignable at the click of a button. All of the homework is self-marking, which cuts down the time taken to mark individual pupils' work.


Be prepared and get on top of your admin

The administrative burden on teachers is huge but you can help ease the burden by planning ahead for things like school trips, seating plans, class tasks and open evenings. 

Review how you managed these things in previous years and get as much of the planning and paperwork set in stone as possible.


Lastly - but most importantly, take some time to reward yourself!

Being a teacher is hard. So taking some time to reward yourself will help to improve your psychological health and also your physical health. Plus, it’ll make you as an individual happier.

The reward doesn’t have to be monetary – but let’s face it, we all love to splash out on something nice once in a while. But, sitting back and reading the latest book, or watching a funny film, or even just taking some time to see family and friends will overall help you be happier and de-stress.