Posted 2 years ago

Here are the top 5 reasons to make the move from traditional ICT provision and embrace cloud solutions.

The concept of cloud computing is simple. Instead of storing information on local servers or individual computers, the cloud uses a network of servers hosted online to store and manage data. Making the shift to cloud services has huge potential to simplify and enhance ICT provision in schools, while saving money on hardware and infrastructure.


1. Anytime Anywhere

The ability to access your files when you like is one the biggest benefits of cloud solutions for schools. With cloud file storage there’s no need to stay late to use the computing suite as that’s the only place that has the homework calendar - now you can access it anywhere! Increased flexibility in data access means teachers aren’t tied to paper or school computers when planning lessons, assigning homework and giving feedback, freeing up time for teachers to focus on the ideas rather than the logistics of planning and admin.

2. Enhanced Security

For the companies that host cloud technology your safety is in their best interest. As cloud services are their sole speciality this gives providers the facility to invest in the latest developments in security software, track access in detail and quick stop hacks while complying with data security and data protection guidelines. In the case of any safety concerns you can request all your information directly, detailing exactly what you need and when you want it. Your cloud provider can even present all the relevant information to you easily without the need to trawl through months of logs.

3. Stronger Collaboration

Cloud-based tools for communication mean teachers, parents, pupils and governors can all share information, ideas and data accessed from one central location. For academies, federation and trusts who have schools spread over multiple locations, but want to bring the whole community together, cloud solutions provide easy and safe communication throughout. A hub where all communication and announcements are passed through allows information to be more readily available, so everyone can collaborate on improving teaching and learning.

4. Backup and Recovery

Like the enhanced security possibilities, migrating your data to the cloud means it is secure, accessible and reduces strain on your network. With a cloud hosting solution you don’t have to worry about your server packing in and losing all your information, data backup and recovery is the bread and butter of any company dealing in cloud solutions; they will be continually upgrading and improving their hardware so you can benefit from these modern and scalable storage solutions.

5. Save Money

The most important aspect of moving to the cloud is that it can save you money! Providing the best opportunities for children on tight school budgets is always a challenge, and cloud solutions offer cost reduction opportunities in a great deal of ways. From a cut in electrical fees, maintenance and replacement of data storage hardware and the IT support staff required to handle these technical requirements to printing, filing and storing school data in paper form, you will find the cloud has multiple ways to save time, money and ease stress.

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