Posted 22 months ago

In response to the new funding plans, thousands of schools across the country are looking for ways to tighten their belts without losing valuable teaching resource.

Now is the time to evaluate how technology can help your school run more efficiently, save you money and save teachers and admin staff valuable resource time.

1 - Save up to £4,600 & vital admin hours by automating your school communications

Automating your school communications by implementing a school communication tool could save you up to £4,600 every year, as well as vital hours of school administration time. 

With SchoolPing, admin staff will save time on printing, texting and the administrative tasks associated to both external and internal communications, channelling messages through one simple messaging system.

Not only this, but by tracking which parents have received and read messages, admin staff reduce unnecessary time spent chasing parents to ensure messages have been received effectively.

2 - Streamline your parents' evening and permission forms

Processes such as parents' evening booking and permission slips waste an unprecedented amount of admin time. Automating this process by using a service such as SchoolPing means that parents can book events such as parents' evening slots direct on the app as well as completing school trip permission forms and much more.

The information is real time and removes unnecessary admin time spent communicating or rescheduling double bookings, as parents only see the time slots still available. If parents need to reschedule, they can do so via the app itself, removing the administrator from the process. It also negates the risk of ‘lost forms’ as well as being able to easily determine and target parents who have not yet booked or replied.

3 - Use technology to save teachers up to 11 hours every week

The last resource schools want to reduce is teaching staff but budget cuts will almost always result in additional constraint on teaching staff.

Using technology to help streamline processes and help to ease the burden of time spent lesson planning, marking and performing classroom admin could be the key to getting the balance right.

New Era’s online learning platform DB Primary and DB Learning Library, provides access to 1,000's of online learning resources, classroom activities, ready-made lesson plans and self-marking homework - saving teachers up to 11 hours every week. Teachers can also share information via the 'communities' aspect of DB Primary.

As the platform is accessed via the cloud, teachers can access it anytime and anywhere meaning teachers can utilise their time more effectively both inside and outside of school hours.

4 - Raise attainment with up to 36,000 hours of home learning every year

Making learning more accessible outside of the classroom can have a real impact on attainment. Schools we work with report that they have seen a positive correlation between having an access anytime, anywhere learning platform and the performance of their students.

As the new generation of learners evolve so do the requirements of how they learn and absorb knowledge. Being able to access their resources satisfies their need for instant answers and keeps them motivated and engaged.

DB Primary is accessible anywhere meaning pupils can log on readily and continue their learning after school finishes. Our customers see an average of 36,000 hours of home learning completed every year.

5 - Assess your efficiency by analysing your use of systems and technology.

An invaluable benefit of technology is that it offers at-a-glance statistics into the resources you are using and can identify areas where you can improve. Maximising the potential of your online solutions can help propel your school into enhancing performance through streamlined processes and improved usage of the tools available to your institution.

DB Primary also lets you analyse the performance of your pupils meaning you can identify and remedy pupils who might need more support in achieving their goals.