Posted 16 months ago

This week brought snow and hundreds of school closures across the UK. Birmingham City Council alone closed all of its schools. 

With all the fun of a 'snow day' what is the real impact on schools? 

How do schools let parents and staff know?
 Schools must have a watertight communication plan in place to let both parents and staff know of school closures. 

Sending text messages and calling round to individual parents and staff is both costly and time consuming. Our SchoolPing customers save vital time and money by sending out 'whole school' communications via push notifications. 
 This means they do not pay for individual text messages and because it covers both staff and parent comms - they only have to do this once. 

Admin staff can access SchoolPing anytime, anywhere, from either a computer or tablet, meaning they can manage outward communication anywhere - even if they too are snowed in! 

With the analytics tool, you can determine who has received and read your messages and who may need to be retargeted.

Loss of learning rectified with DB Primary
 Missed school days can mean that pupils miss out on vital learning hours. Fun for the kids but in a world where budget cuts are already impacting learning potential, it's bad news for schools. 

Our DB Primary customers can still ensure their pupils continue learning at home, even when they are unable to attend school. 

Staff can set work for pupils to complete, whilst at home and as DB Primary can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using computers or tablets, children complete activities, homework and more whilst being stuck at home on snow days! 

Staff can also see who has completed or even started the activities, all from the comfort of their own home. 

School closures don't have to be hard-work with New Era
 All in all, school closures aren't always a burden if you have an effective communication tool which allows you to communicate with staff and parents as well as a learning environment which lets you set, track and mark work anytime, anywhere.

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