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Tailor our suite of six cloud applications for your institution. Pull together the educational tools, resources, content and analytical data you need. Access them anywhere, any time, from any device, through a single secure login

  • Able Cloud

    The smart, streamlined, centralised way to manage and control IT services, across one or many institutions. Our user-friendly dashboard aligns common IT workflows, slashes your admin burden and offers all users easy, secure access to an integrated world of teaching and learning resources.


  • Able Connect

    Bring teachers, students and parents closer together with our unique communication and engagement platform. Send messages, share resources and create collaborative spaces that open up the possibilities of flipped learning, discussion groups, team building and more. 

  • Able Learn

    This is course delivery made simple. Teachers can quickly set assignments for students to complete and submit online, with task updates and deadline reminders only ever a phone notification away. Marking, feedback and student progress all become more visible than ever for all parties.

  • Able Assess

    Assessment becomes truly powerful with evidence of learning. Our centralised system doesn’t just let you record and monitor performance against your chosen framework or curriculum. You can also capture evidence to prove progress and inform your judgements.

  • Able Perform

    Now you can manage your team’s performance and development alongside your students’. Everything is clearly visible, beautifully streamlined and in one place, from setting targets and objectives to capturing evidence, making judgements and recording progress against plans.

  • Able Services

    Our managed IT services give you improved security, performance and scalability, while cutting the cost of hardware, IT staffing and software licensing. Our SLA of 99.95% gives you the reliability you demand in your IT infrastructure, across hosting, storage, backups and networking.


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